Acne & Scars

Acne is often the most generalised and underestimated personal problem, and post scars are frequently perceived negatively by society. In contrary to the common belief, we take acne and scars seriously.

Our Acne & Scars Correct treatment discovers possible triggers during initial consultation, prescribes clinically-proven skincare products and lifestyle adjustment advices, and plans innovative technologies that are personalized to eliminate your acne and scars.

Chemical Peel

Our clinic’s most classic and most beloved treatment, Chemical Peel reduces and smooths post acne marks. Chemical Peel is recognized by Dermatologists all over the world as the most effective tool to treat Acne & Scars, especially when performed regularly. We have various selection of Chemical Peel agents that will be carefully personalized for your problems.


Microneedling is collagen induction therapy that would instantly firm and smooth your skin. Our microneedling treatment focuses on removing comedones and pores, eliminating active acne, reducing redness, and treating scars. Worry not because microneedling is affordable, fast, and painless.

Turbo Laser

Melania has various world-class laser machines to fight Acne and Scars. One of our most sought-after laser treatment is Turbo Laser. Turbo Laser is a powerful resurfacing laser procedure that combines 3 different wavelengths to precisely target the upper, middle, and deep layers of the skin.

First laser targets the middle layer of the skin and stimulate the collagen production.

Second laser pierces the middle and deep skin layers to help the skin replacing the old, damaged layer with healthier skin cells.

Third laser ablates the most superficial skin layer and eliminate unwanted skin bumps and dead skin cells that would cause acnes in the futures.

Together, this powerful treatment balances the skin surface, shines your skin, and reduces acne & scarrings.

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Established in 1998, Melania Aesthetic Dermatology is a medical specialists’ clinic combining sciences of aesthetics and dermatology.

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